Preparing Yourself for Bursaries 2021 Application

Are you just graduating from high school? Or are you a diploma who is desired to continue your study to a higher level? We are going to help you by providing necessary information about Bursaries 2021, but, first, let’s get to know better with the program bursaries itself, shall we?

What Is Bursary?

A bursary is an appreciation that comes in form of money that is given by the specific institution, organization, or other parties to students who are not able to make payment for their study. The money is granted in form of a loan. So, the respective parties will pay for the registration and fees or tuitions throughout your study period, then you will give the payment back by working for the company that is chosen for you. How long you will for the company is based on how much money is allocated for your bursaries. However, it is best to know that the schedule and arrangement may be different due to circumstances and the company’s policy as well.

Generally speaking, we can understand bursaries as scholarships. It is what makes the students able to pay for their study, whether it is to make the payment more affordable or free at all terms. That may be the reason why this program is also only dedicated to high achievers. Institutions, organizations, companies, and other parties are like investing their future in the participant, so the bursaries would also likely to be given only to those who are academically great, and technically potential and skillful as they are going to be the future of their business. Other things to know about bursaries that it sometimes comes in full payment, while other times only in partial payment.

To have this kind of opportunity, the applicants must first register themselves, then sign a contract once they are classified as eligible for it. In this contract, the provider will provide all information regarding the payment, technical procedural, and employment in the future. One way or another, both parties can expect from one another, and each should be able to grant the specific requirements.

How Can You Apply for Bursary?

If you want to continue the study, but your household isn’t possible for you to do so, then applying for Bursaries 2021 can shed a light on your dream. It would be a perfect solution for you to pay what it takes for your next study, but, you have to realize, too, that you have to be fully prepared in order to be considered worthy of the bursary and study you desire.

Nowadays, you can find a website that will guide you to the list of available Bursaries, like this one. Then, from your side, prepare to have your application completed with data because it may be varied according to company policy when it comes to the registration. While the upcoming process will depend on how the provider will publish about the opening, please just be ready for any case, whether it is to fill online forms or send the documents directly or via post. Otherwise, it has become a lot easier thanks to technology. You can start by finding the bursaries that you think are suitable for you first, then carry on to the next step later.

Finding Bursaries 2021 For You

We have rounded up quite much information that hopefully, you will find beneficial to get yourself prepared before applying for the next year’s bursaries. To find the latest available bursaries for the next year, you can search based on area, major of field, or work field. Take a look at our list below and find what you think can be the best choice for you! Make sure you will also check the qualifications, and fit each one of them so that your chance of getting offered with the bursaries is even more promising.

  • Accounting Bursaries
  • Actuarial Science Bursaries
  • Agricultural Bursaries
  • Engineering Bursaries
  • Chemistry Bursaries
  • Computer Science Bursaries
  • Commerce Bursaries
  • Government Bursaries
  • Geology Bursaries
  • Health Sciences Bursaries
  • Human Resources Bursaries
  • Journalism Bursaries
  • Information Technology Bursaries
  • Law Bursaries
  • Medicine Bursaries
  • Management Studies Bursaries
  • Nature Conservation Bursaries
  • Nursing Bursaries
  • Physics Bursaries
  • Physiotherapy Bursaries
  • Teaching Bursaries
  • Sport Studies and Management Bursaries
  • Speech and Hearing Therapy Bursaries
  • Study Abroad Bursaries

We hope our explanation works and good luck with your application to Bursaries 2021!

Complete list of SA Bursaries 2020-2021

Are you interested in continuing your study to a higher level of education, but you are lacking funding to be able to do that? We recommend you to look up more to the references of SA Bursaries. It has always been possible to do so, especially when you have a great academic history, and the ability to maintain the good work throughout the upcoming process that is proven by your previous academic reports as well. It is also possible whether you are in your senior year of high school, or fresh graduates from the previous level of education.

You are very much welcomed to the program, but first, let’s get to know about the bursaries even better! So, if you do have a satisfying academic record, but the household in your case doesn’t really support you to continue the study, you can apply for yourself and be qualified for the scholarships, or bursaries. Most organizations or institutions that offer the bursaries indeed accept the applicants who come from such backgrounds. Later on, they require their bursaries, or the ones that accept the bursaries, to complete a training or work program first before proceeding to the next agenda, that is continuing their study or being involved in a real-life work environment.

Actually, this kind of opportunity can be both beneficial for applicants and recruiters. As the applicant can finally have the chance to study or work, the recruiter can also find the most potential future workers among the bursars. For your information, many SA bursaries are the biggest bursary in South Africa that owns the most complete list of any available bursary within the country. It also promises its bursars to have direct access to employment after they complete the study or work training.

List Of SA Bursaries 2020-2021

On this occasion, we’d like to give you a list of a round of available bursaries in South Africa for the year 2020-2021.

  1. Government

Free State, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, Northern Cape, North West, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, etc.

  1. General

Political, Operations and Operations Management, Social Work, Language, Journalism, Media and Communications, Public Relations, Public Administration, Hospitality, Chef and Cooking, Transport and Road, Travel and Tourism, Supply Chain and Logistics, Real Estate and Properties, etc.

  1. Accounting:

Chartered Accounting, Financial Accounting, General Accounting (Finance and Financial Management), Auditing

  1. Arts

Fine Art and Visual Art, Performing Arts, Dance, Drama and Theatre, Film and Motion Picture, Music, Fashion and Textile, Jewelry Design

  1. Commerce

Economics, General Commerce, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Retail, Purchasing and Buying, Asset Management, Risk Management, Investment, Transport Economics, Business Related (Business Science, Business Administration, Business Management)

  1. Computer Science and IT

Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering, Graphic Design, and Game Graphics, Software Engineering and Software Development, Information Technology, Informatics and Information Systems, Information and Communication Technology

  1. Construction & Environment

Architecture, Construction, and Building, Building Science and Management, General Built Environment, Project Management, Land Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Regional Planning, Artisan Tradesman/Skill (Bricklaying, Carpentry, Millwright, Fitter and Turner, Welding, Plumbing, Electrical, Painting)

  1. Education

Education and Teaching

  1. Engineering

General Engineering, System Engineering, Structural Engineering, Sound Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Construction Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Mine and Mineral Surveying, Mining Engineering, Rock Blasting, and Rock Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy and Metallurgical, Mechatronics, Aeronautical, and Aerospace Engineering

  1. Law

General law

  1. Medics

General Medical, Hygiene, Health Science and Health-Related, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Psychology, Emergency Medical Care, Ergonomics, Dental and Dentistry, Orthotics and Prosthetics, Speech and Hearing Therapy, Physiotherapy, Audiology, Biochemistry, Radiography

  1. Science

Actuarial Science, Animal Science, Aquatic Science, Biology and Biological Science, Botany and Plant Studies, Food Science and Technology, Geography and related, Oceanography, Analytical Chemistry, and General Chemistry, Maritime Studies and related, Mathematics and related, Statistics Science, Physics and related, Soil Science, Veterinary Science, Agriculture and related, Anthropology and Archaeology, Biomedical, Farming, Forestry, Genetics, Horticulture, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Technology, Water, Waste and Sanitation, Weather and Climatology, Zoology, and various others.

  1. Post Graduate

Masters, Doctoral, Ph.D., Honors

To apply for SA Bursaries this year or next year, please use respective references in order to send your application to the specific field of study as listed above, or more.

List of Available Governor Learnerships in 2020-2021

The urge in involving the youth to participate in developing and maintaining the country’s economy can be said as the main reason why a lot of Government Departments are offering Bursaries, and Available Learnerships. One way or another, the country is absolutely in the need of a workforce with competence to a more dynamic, yet stabilized governmental work environment. Thus, delivering the right opportunities to the right hands like the youth can also be seen as the best choice to make.

As a context, the learnerships are programs that can encourage the educated, but unemployed graduates with an offer to chance for them to also build their experience, not alone to contribute directly to society. A lot of the learnerships that are available are 12 months of period, or even longer. The learnerships usually do not give full accommodation to the participants or receivers, but they indeed provide the learners with monthly payments.

When it comes to available learnerships from the Government, it is best for the candidates to apply for their own provinces. Since they will be working for the representative areas, it would be better for the local youth to help improving their respective province in accordance. In the process, they will be learning about theoretical education, as well as practical skills to be prepared for real-life work in the future.

Generally speaking, the learning experience is based on the shortages within the province. After completing the learnership period, the learners will then be offered a contract or permanent position, due to various circumstances. Meanwhile, the others who don’t get the chance yet can still apply to other vacancies as they have enough encounters to workforces with knowledge and ability to take on challenges in various job sectors in the country.

Available Learnership From The Government Departments

There are many learnerships that have been open from different departments of the Government. These following departments may have available learnerships throughout the year and later:

  • Department of Agriculture and Forestry & Fisheries
  • Department of Arts & Culture
  • Department of Basic Education
  • Department of Higher Education
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Government Communications & Information Systems
  • Department of Justice & Constitutional Development
  • Department of Independent Police & Investigation
  • Department of International Relations & Cooperation
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Mineral Resources
  • Department of National Treasury
  • Department of Public Enterprises
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Revenue Services
  • Department of Science & Technology
  • Department of Small Business Development
  • Department of Social Development
  • Department of Sports and Recreations
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services
  • Department of Trade and Industries
  • Department of Transportations
  • Department of Water & Sanitation
  • Department of Economic Affairs
  • Department of Energy Affairs Department of Environmental Affairs
  • Department of Health Affairs
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Public Service & Administrative Affairs
  • Department of Tourism Affairs
  • Department of Traditional Affairs

If you are interested in applying for available learnerships that the Government Departments may have offered, kindly pay attention to complete the requirements, and proceed to the application process.

Getting Ready for Learnerships 2021

Are you about to apply for learnerships 2021? First thing first, you should understand what the learnership is itself. Well, it is a program of work that is based on certain learning standards. During the process, the learners will directly encounter various fields of work, and actively participate in different kinds of works as well. For example, if they apply for Government Learnerships, they have the opportunity to be prepared with the skills relevant to the department, involve in many situations that develop their knowledge or theory, and practical abilities, and etc. As the output, the learner has a registered qualification based on the National Qualification Framework or NQF.

When it comes to talking about the application and contract, initially the participant should submit their application respectively to the institution or department they desire. If considered qualified, later on, the learner will have to sign a certain employment contract that will assign their working period and many other things related to the program. It is in line with the learning standard as they should have the qualification first before finally getting into the work. The learner can only start joining the program once the arrangement is settled, while they can finish it as well after the agreement is ended.

Applying For Learnerships 2021

More about the application, as a soon to be learner you need to prepare the application well for the learnerships 2021. If you really want to pursue a certain opportunity within the learnership programs, you have to complete any application needed to the respective institution or department, and work field. However, every other year, the offering should be different due to changing needs and circumstances, so you’d better to regularly visit the page and gain for more updates about it. What we can recommend you to do way before sending out the forms is to look for information about the program itself.

Check out what learnerships are being offered in what year. You must always have the detailed information that you need regarding to the learnerships you are interested in applying for. When you are about to register yourself, make sure the agenda is still available and that you are qualified for all the requirements. For your information, you are not obliged to pay the learning fee. Instead, you will get paid once you are registered and start the program. This means the competition between each participant will be very necessary. One simply can’t join the program if they don’t have the value to really be involved in such a case.

Available Learnerships 2021

Some of the learnerships that are still opening for this year, and will still be available for the next year are as below:

  • Organization/Company Learnerships
  • Government Learnerships
  • Local Government Learnerships
  • Province Learnerships
  • Field Learnerhsips
  • Sector Education Training Authority (SETA) Learnerships

Learnerships 2021 is indeed very good for you to really improve yourself as a person, and as a professional. Here, you will be matched to certain levels that finally you will be able to deliver such performance according to diverse workloads, targets, and environment.

Tips for Introverts to Apply for Learnerships

Do you think it is hard to apply for learnerships 2021, especially when it comes to your introvert personality? Well, introverts are generally shy and quiet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself to get into certain groups or life opportunities, including the learnerships. We get that you may rather be in a smaller group of people or even alone than to be surrounded by a lot of people you don’t know as well. However, we should tell you that it is important to prepare yourself to be involved in such an environment if you really want to be a part of learnerships programs, as well.

Tips For Introverts On Learnerships

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! Understanding that there may be many hardships you can face during the process of applying or enjoying the learnerships programs, we have rounded up some tips that are hopefully beneficial to help you solve this kind of issue.

  1. Think about the structure

Institutions or departments that are offering learnerships 2021 must-have certain structures that you can learn as well before applying. For an introvert, a workplace with larger or crowded structures may become a source of stress. Therefore, as an introvert, you are highly recommended to apply learnerships with a rather small structure.

There have also been institutions or departments that are specifically hiring for students or fresh graduates as they are still considered growing themselves. That means, in this case, you have to look for detailed information about the structure in the place, so that you will not be worried about too many interactions or tasks later on, even though you are still able to learn about professional development during the process.

  1. One step at a time

There is no need to deny that starting your first days at a job may be difficult, particularly in terms of introducing yourself to others or making others introduce themselves to you. Rather than feeling you have to nail this kind of mission in a rush, keep in mind that it is absolutely okay to say hi to only certain new persons each day. This way, you can start learning about each other just right without you being too hard on yourself. Plus, you can do this while taking a break, or every once and while working together on something.

  1. Get comfortable in an uncomfortable moment

The point of taking on the learnership program is to learn, you know? It is very possible that you may not know very much at the start, and it takes time and effort to be able to survive the whole activity. Get a grip by enjoying every dynamic in the work environment because that is the only way to encounter every new competence and insight. If everything makes it possible for you, spend your time to ask questions and try something outside your comfort zone. You should also show diligence and willingness to dive into what’s going on during the whole program.

Are you ready to start applying for learnerships 2021? Hope our tips work!

How to Apply for Latest Learnerships

Welcome to our page! Here, you can find information about the latest learnerships and available learnerships for this year and the upcoming. Other than that, you can also find some other helpful articles. This time, we are going to give you an explanation about how to apply for learnership by understanding the learnership itself first, and the further steps you shall take.

What Is Learnership?

A learnership is a program that provides a combination of learning methods. As a participant, you can experience to learn like you’re in class or school and the workplace. In short, you will be able to learn both the theoretical component and practical training. Since it is a program that is offered for high school grads, and fresh grads who are looking for employment, we can see a learnership as a preparation pass for the next study or career that one may choose. For your information, learnership is not limited to people nor fields. It is also suitable for various kinds of majors and occupations. In conclusion, a learnership can be an endearing phase for the youth to embrace themselves before finally continuing their study or work journey.

How To Apply For Learnerships?

Please note that every latest learnerships must include a different aspect of requirement and assessment. As an applicant, you yourself should have known and understood it well, so that your registration afterward can be done correctly, too. Meanwhile, there are some basic points that you may find in common learnerships opening. The points include:

  • Older than 16, and younger than 35 of age
  • The unemployed applicant can only apply for learnership if an employer with possible employment is available on the list. Later on, the employer is responsible for the work experience training

Further, what goes on during the learnerhships may include these points:

  • Learning at everyone’s own pace based on certain competency
  • Assessment for different stages of the learning experience
  • Completion of the program that will result in the participant being rewarded with a nationally-acknowledged occupational certificate
  • A contract between three parties: participant, trainer, and employer with specific arrangements regarding what to expect from each of them for the learning experience and employment later on

What To Prepare For The Application?

We believe that applying for learnerships sounds like a good option for both workers and unemployed grads to try. However, the procedure and preparation may become a little different due to their own circumstances.

If you are a worker, you may:

  • Ask your supervisor at work for permission to join learnership
  • Allocate the time accordingly between your work and training hour
  • Make sure the qualification you get. It’d be better to pursue training that’s relevant to your own field of major, or interest and skill
  • Proceed to the class and test
  • Manage your energy and focus well between the courses of work and training
  • Negotiate for promotion with your department at work once you complete certain training

If you are unemployed, you may:

  • Design a plan for the kind of training you are looking for. Generally speaking, you need to be sure and clear about what you are going to do
  • Identify the training that is featured on one occasion of learnership
  • Find enough information about the learnership
  • Contact the respective parties that are responsible for the program
  • Enquire about the criteria and make sure you fit to enter it
  • List potential employer that provides both training and employment contract
  • Register yourself first as an active job seeker at your local labor center
  • Get yourself a good CV, and get yourself ready for the interview, too

We believe that is pretty much you can try doing before applying for the latest learnerships you are interested in. We wish you the best!