Forrest Jessee / Creative Agency
Sleep Suit
The Sleep Suit attempts to challenge the idea of personal space in relationship to the human body and its surrounding environment. The project is inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s practice of Dymaxion sleeping, which involves taking four thirty-minute naps over a period of 24 hours, and explores the material requirements for such conditions. Architecturally, the very close relationship between the human body and the suit acts as the generator of form as well as a tool to negotiate between the occupant and his or her surroundings. The structure of the material, a three-dimensional pleat, is invented to create feelings of connected and disconnectedness, provide varying levels of support where the user needs it the most, and allow constant airflow between the inside and outside of the suit. By thinking of the cut pattern as sections through the body, the suit can function as a semi-permeable, transportable and adjustable cocoon.

The primary material is EVA foam, which is also used for padding and shock absorption in sports equipment. The textile’s patterning takes inspiration from techniques in both architecture and fashion to create a true hybrid between the two disciplines. The resulting textile can be described as a three dimensional pleat with a structural logic able to support the weight of the human body. Made from a single sheet of material, the connection points and thickness of the textile can change to provide varying levels of support and permeability for different parts of the body.

The Sleep Suit supports the body in all the right places and at the same time both filters and acknowledges its surroundings and occupant, providing a sound 30 minute nap in a variety of different positions and environments. After all, you only get four of them every 24-hours.

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