How to Apply for Latest Learnerships

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Welcome to our page! Here, you can find information about the latest learnerships and available learnerships for this year and the upcoming. Other than that, you can also find some other helpful articles. This time, we are going to give you an explanation about how to apply for learnership by understanding the learnership itself first, and the further steps you shall take.

What Is Learnership?

A learnership is a program that provides a combination of learning methods. As a participant, you can experience to learn like you’re in class or school and the workplace. In short, you will be able to learn both the theoretical component and practical training. Since it is a program that is offered for high school grads, and fresh grads who are looking for employment, we can see a learnership as a preparation pass for the next study or career that one may choose. For your information, learnership is not limited to people nor fields. It is also suitable for various kinds of majors and occupations. In conclusion, a learnership can be an endearing phase for the youth to embrace themselves before finally continuing their study or work journey.

How To Apply For Learnerships?

Please note that every latest learnerships must include a different aspect of requirement and assessment. As an applicant, you yourself should have known and understood it well, so that your registration afterward can be done correctly, too. Meanwhile, there are some basic points that you may find in common learnerships opening. The points include:

  • Older than 16, and younger than 35 of age
  • The unemployed applicant can only apply for learnership if an employer with possible employment is available on the list. Later on, the employer is responsible for the work experience training

Further, what goes on during the learnerhships may include these points:

  • Learning at everyone’s own pace based on certain competency
  • Assessment for different stages of the learning experience
  • Completion of the program that will result in the participant being rewarded with a nationally-acknowledged occupational certificate
  • A contract between three parties: participant, trainer, and employer with specific arrangements regarding what to expect from each of them for the learning experience and employment later on

What To Prepare For The Application?

We believe that applying for learnerships sounds like a good option for both workers and unemployed grads to try. However, the procedure and preparation may become a little different due to their own circumstances.

If you are a worker, you may:

  • Ask your supervisor at work for permission to join learnership
  • Allocate the time accordingly between your work and training hour
  • Make sure the qualification you get. It’d be better to pursue training that’s relevant to your own field of major, or interest and skill
  • Proceed to the class and test
  • Manage your energy and focus well between the courses of work and training
  • Negotiate for promotion with your department at work once you complete certain training

If you are unemployed, you may:

  • Design a plan for the kind of training you are looking for. Generally speaking, you need to be sure and clear about what you are going to do
  • Identify the training that is featured on one occasion of learnership
  • Find enough information about the learnership
  • Contact the respective parties that are responsible for the program
  • Enquire about the criteria and make sure you fit to enter it
  • List potential employer that provides both training and employment contract
  • Register yourself first as an active job seeker at your local labor center
  • Get yourself a good CV, and get yourself ready for the interview, too

We believe that is pretty much you can try doing before applying for the latest learnerships you are interested in. We wish you the best!