List of Available Governor Learnerships in 2020-2021

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The urge in involving the youth to participate in developing and maintaining the country’s economy can be said as the main reason why a lot of Government Departments are offering Bursaries, and Available Learnerships. One way or another, the country is absolutely in the need of a workforce with competence to a more dynamic, yet stabilized governmental work environment. Thus, delivering the right opportunities to the right hands like the youth can also be seen as the best choice to make.

As a context, the learnerships are programs that can encourage the educated, but unemployed graduates with an offer to chance for them to also build their experience, not alone to contribute directly to society. A lot of the learnerships that are available are 12 months of period, or even longer. The learnerships usually do not give full accommodation to the participants or receivers, but they indeed provide the learners with monthly payments.

When it comes to available learnerships from the Government, it is best for the candidates to apply for their own provinces. Since they will be working for the representative areas, it would be better for the local youth to help improving their respective province in accordance. In the process, they will be learning about theoretical education, as well as practical skills to be prepared for real-life work in the future.

Generally speaking, the learning experience is based on the shortages within the province. After completing the learnership period, the learners will then be offered a contract or permanent position, due to various circumstances. Meanwhile, the others who don’t get the chance yet can still apply to other vacancies as they have enough encounters to workforces with knowledge and ability to take on challenges in various job sectors in the country.

Available Learnership From The Government Departments

There are many learnerships that have been open from different departments of the Government. These following departments may have available learnerships throughout the year and later:

  • Department of Agriculture and Forestry & Fisheries
  • Department of Arts & Culture
  • Department of Basic Education
  • Department of Higher Education
  • Department of Communications
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Government Communications & Information Systems
  • Department of Justice & Constitutional Development
  • Department of Independent Police & Investigation
  • Department of International Relations & Cooperation
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Mineral Resources
  • Department of National Treasury
  • Department of Public Enterprises
  • Department of Public Works
  • Department of Revenue Services
  • Department of Science & Technology
  • Department of Small Business Development
  • Department of Social Development
  • Department of Sports and Recreations
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services
  • Department of Trade and Industries
  • Department of Transportations
  • Department of Water & Sanitation
  • Department of Economic Affairs
  • Department of Energy Affairs Department of Environmental Affairs
  • Department of Health Affairs
  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Public Service & Administrative Affairs
  • Department of Tourism Affairs
  • Department of Traditional Affairs

If you are interested in applying for available learnerships that the Government Departments may have offered, kindly pay attention to complete the requirements, and proceed to the application process.